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Vegetable Pickle

Hot Lemon Pickle

PAPJO Lime Pickle brings fresh lemon wedges and fine mixture of spices to satisfy your love for tanginess.

White Lemon Pickle

PAPJO White Lime gives special punch to a normal meal.

Hot & sweet lemon Pickle

Cut Mango Pickle

Made with finest slices of mango and blend of light spices, PAPJO Cut Mango Pickle perks up your daily meal.

Tender Mango Pickle

PAPJO Tender Mango Pickle, with right spice mixture makes your normal meal a finest one.

Tender Mango in Brine pickle

Kaduku Mango Pickle

Garlic Pickle

Spice up your meal with this flavourful PAPJO Garlic Pickle.

Garlic in Brine Pickle

Puliyinchi Pickle

The sweet and sour PAPJO Puliyinchi makes your every day meal feel like an Onam spread.

Bitter - Gourd Pickle

In PAPJO Bitter-gourd Pickle, bitterness is blended wonderfully with other spices and is a delectable treat to the taste senses.

Ginger Pickle

Experience healthy benefits of ginger and explosion of flavour in PAPJO Ginger Pickle.

Mixed Vegetable Pickle

Get the bonus of having healthy veggiesin PAPJO Mixed Veg. Pickle that can be eaten as a side dish for rotis.

Tomato Pickle

Gooseberry Pickle

PAPJO Gooseberry Pickle with the right mixture of spices brings out the goodness of gooseberry.

Gooseberry in Brine Pickle

Vadukapuli Pickle

With PAPJO Vadukapuli Pickle, ´usual´ becomes extra ordinary.

White Vadukapuli Pickle

Green Chilli Pickle

Dates Pickle

Corrot Pickle

Beetroot Pickle