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“My mother is a dosa specialist, her dosa are so soft and so tasty. Now I am preparing dosa by using AGRO dosa powder. Hey it’s unbelievable, that dosa are same as my mother’s dosa. Same soft, same taste. Thank you AGRO”.
Keerthi.G, Kerala
“I had idli`s from hotels, it’s just like stones, but last week I had idli from my friend`s home, it’s soft as flower. He told me he is using AGRO idli powder. AGRO idli`s are so soft. I love AGRO”.
Sarath Ram, Mumbai
“My son likes jams so much. But artificial flavor are mainly using in all jams, it’s very danger. But AGRO jams are 100% natural and healthy. So no tension”.
Nisha Raj, Punjab
“My husband is very crazy with chicken curry, he told me, he wants kerala type chicken curry, and thank god AGRO is there. AGRO chicken masala real chicken masala”.
Deepika Arun, Bangalore
I like lime and meat pickles so much. AGRO provide special hot lime and meat pickles. Wow it’s just yummy”.
Amal .S, Delhi